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A meeting of minds 

When Marc Müskens and Sven van Buuren formed their partnership in 2015, their entrepreneurial synergy was undeniable. Sven's fascination for research and innovation and Marc's vision on marketing and experience have led to a series of great successes in the field of Interior Design.

Today, they continue to explore the horizon with the Institute of Interior Impact.
They share their passion and knowledge by connecting Interior Designers from all over the world. They enrich the lives of the ambitious members of Institute of Interior Impact, but most importantly - through their members - they are able to touch thousands of lives.

Let's make real impact

An aspiration to contribute

Leadership isn't a position, it's an action you take.

Leadership is based on a fundamental belief. In unlimited human potential and continuous improvement. Always pushing boundaries and having a long-term vision.

It feels like our duty, our responsibility, to join forces worldwide.

We want to make a contribution to the design and construction world of today and the future.

With you, our team and the thousands of members of the Beyond Interior Design Club.


Thank you so much! 🙏

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"Hello Marc en Sven and the rest of the team of Institute of Interior impact, really like what you guys are doing; raising the professional profile of our industry."

Patrick Takashi Casey , Hospitality Designer & Constructor  
Patrick Takashi Casey
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"My appreciation goes to the great initiative that you both have established at the Institute of Interior Impact. There are so many subjects to tackle in our profession nowadays. I am sure it will open up the horizon of many other interesting designers."

Robert Haddad, design professor, design consultant
robert haddad
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"It's such a good thing you guys are doing. Bringing everybody together to have this unified conversation about design and the impact it can have. Love it!" 
Kristoff DuBose, Office Designer & Design Strategist    
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"Marc and Sven are the dynamic duo of international design.  They have a powerful ‘Why’ at the heart of their business model and are a joy to work with at the Institute of Interior Impact.  Their enthusiasm is contagious and they will help any design business to quickly find their purpose and balance it with the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whats’ that are key to success."

 Peter van Peborgh-Gooch, Hospitality Expert
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Beyond Interior Design Podcast

Institute of Interior Impact is recognized by their international interior architecture community. With over 175.000 members, Marc Müskens and Sven van Buuren are the proud owners of the Beyond Interior Design Group. It is the largest and most active LinkedIn community of interior and architecture disciplines worldwide.

When you work with us and make your interior design studio thrive, our crew is your crew. Even though we admit to be fanatically obsessed by interior design, we’re pretty normal ;)

Marc Müskens

Marc Müskens

Passionate, curious, energetic



Interior Designer

Sven van Buuren

Sven van Buuren

Innovative, thoughtful, involved


Interior Architect


deborah de jong
Human Behaviour & Design Analist
Design Strategist & Office Expert
Interior Design & Brand Design 
robert haddad
Robert Haddad
Professor of Interior Design & Consultant
Experiential Designer,  Hospitality & Luxury Brands
User Experience & Architecture
Design Expert, Property & Real Estate
Patrick Takashi Casey
Patrick Takashi Casey
Interior Architect, Construction
Experiential Artist, Brand Design
Business Consulting  Architects & Engineers
Ankita Dvivedi Firstplanit interview podcast Beyond Interior Design
Sustainability expert
Law of attraction, manifestation expert
TylerTactics - Tyler Suomala
Business development architects
Biophilic design expert
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