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"Hello Marc en Sven and the rest of the team of Institute of Interior impact, really like what you guys are doing; raising the professional profile of our industry."

Patrick Takashi Casey , Hospitality Designer & Constructor  
Patrick Takashi Casey
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"My appreciation goes to the great initiative that you both have established at the Institute of Interior Impact. There are so many subjects to tackle in our profession nowadays. I am sure it will open up the horizon of many other interesting designers."

Robert Haddad, design professor, design consultant
robert haddad
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"It's such a good thing you guys are doing. Bringing everybody together to have this unified conversation about design and the impact it can have. Love it!" 
Kristoff DuBose, Office Designer & Design Strategist    
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"Marc & Sven, your selfless drive to improve the design industry and the lives of all of us are really commendable 👏👏👏"

Callie van der Merwe, founding partner of Design Partnership South Africa and Design Partnership Australia
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Beyond Interior Design Podcast

Institute of Interior Impact is recognized by their international interior architecture community. With over 185K+ members Marc Müskens and Sven van Buuren are the proud owners of the Beyond Interior Design Group. It is the largest and most active LinkedIn community of interior and architecture disciplines worldwide. 

Marc Müskens

Marc Müskens

Passionate, curious, energetic



Interior Designer

Sven van Buuren

Sven van Buuren

Innovative, thoughtful, involved


Interior Architect

The Impact Family

deborah de jong
Human Behaviour & Design Analist
Design Strategist & Office Expert
Interior Design & Brand Design 
robert haddad
Robert Haddad
Professor of Interior Design & Consultant
Experiential Designer,  Hospitality & Luxury Brands
User Experience & Architecture
Design Expert, Property & Real Estate
Patrick Takashi Casey
Patrick Takashi Casey
Interior Architect, Construction
Experiential Artist, Brand Design
Business Consulting  Architects & Engineers
Ankita Dvivedi Firstplanit interview podcast Beyond Interior Design
Sustainability expert
Law of attraction, manifestation expert
TylerTactics - Tyler Suomala
Business development architects
Biophilic design expert
Interview Podcast Kristoff D oria di Cirie

Creative director

interview gabrielle buresch teichmann about color podcast live video
Interior Design Color Expert
Impact expert
Jane Bringolf interview live podcast universal design
Universal design expert
Regeneration expert
Cradle to Cradle expert
Wellbeing design expert
Science in Design
Science in Design
Laura Martin Bovard
Connector of Soul and design
Interview podcast video Nikita Morell
Copywriting Expert
pretty rooms vs authentic spaces interview podcast with maureen calamia

Authenticity & Feng Shui Expert

Marketing and Branding Expert

Expert in cutting the cr*p

Human Centric Design Expert

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Interview podcast video Nikita Morell

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