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 Together we have the power to design our world

This is a celebration of everything that moves you. For the power and freedom of imagination. Here’s to the big, beautiful mess of interior design and creativity that simply makes you feel good.


For interior designer entrepreneurs that want to have a better work-life balance. More design, less hassle.
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Podcast Beyond Interior Design

Beyond Interior Design Podcast

Together we explore exiting combinations of interior design and
health, technology, psychology, sustainability, culture, nature,  entrepreneurship and so on.

So... no talks about the latest chair. Nothing about the latest color trends. And not about the next new shiny object. I'm sorry... 🤗 

We Live In A Grey World. Let's Change That.

Participation is the biggest step towards great clients.
Communicating your Purpose makes clients want to work with you.
Principles make your clients trust your design decisions
Process makes you ready for endless growth.
Potential sets you in your inner power and expert status.

Each of our members has a unique story to tell.
We can’t wait to hear yours.

We have worked with many interior design agencies, similar yours. We'd love to share what we have created together with our members. Their work is making the impact we're aiming for. We are proud to be playing a part in amplifying their designs, because only together we have the power to design our world.


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“Seeing a real human making a connection with me is great!”

Thank you so much for everything. It really is truly insightful and also validating for me to know that someone else is able to connect with designing spaces for people - not on paper, but seeing a real human making that connection is great!

I really do recommend working with Marc and Sven. It was really easy to feel the commitment to making the service of Interior Design more rewarding for the professionals in the field, listening to Marc speak [...] Thanks very much!


“I can now focus on my creativity, my clients and doing what I love the most!”

Roos is an always positive, cheerful mom, but she had to admit she hasn’t been able to shatter her “glass ceiling” by herself. Her business was doing okay, but she knew it could do way better

But she didn’t know how. The customers she really wanted just stayed away. Instead, she had insecure clients, with a small budget, so she could only make a small impact.

She wondered: How can I connect with the right people? People, clients who share the same values and beliefs. Clients that are willing to implement and execute my advice. Clients that want to get the most out of their project too. And - nice side catch - clients who love to pay more for her expertise!

Roos discovered that the way she was working right now, she would never be able to achieve her goals. Whilst she can help so much more people with her incredible products and services. That’s her absolute belief: She knows it, she feels it… We felt it!

We showed her that she only had to make minor changes in her approach to reach her goals! That means: she could serve her clients way better and get paid what she is really worth, following this simple process.

After implementing some minor things Roos loves her lifestyle. She has processes and systems in place, so now she can focus on what matters to her: Her creativity, her clients; doing what she loves the most. And, not to be forgotten: Roos instantly doubled her revenue!
While gaining way more time with her family.


“My firm is now way more in line with my purpose and principles than ever before”

Erik worried as his business wasn’t growing as fast as he wanted and needed. 

What he did was: He kept on trying and spending tons of money on marketing, resulting in huge financial losses. You need to know that he was also spending money on content creation for social media, blogs and other more traditional marketing. Wrong strategy.  

With us, Erik discovered that his communication and services did not fit to who he really is. So, he immediately changed what he was doing. And as you can see… a very happy Erik!

This has given him the freedom to be 100% authentic, and attracting his own awesome clients. Erik told us that his firm is now way more in line with his purpose and principles than ever before. Resulting in a happy lifestyle, while earning a great income. 

Testimonial Erik

“Just a few quick fixes and within 10 days I had 2 premium paying clients”

David had a problem. He loved his work, but it didn’t bring in enough money. He was tired, hopeless, the enthusiasm was gone, long days, living on survival modus. Not living on his own terms! You can imagine how this was affecting his daily life, not to mention the perspective in the long run.

He needed to get financial stability, so he started to work for a boss once a week. But what looked like a solution, actually made things worse. More hours, more money, but he got extra travel time, company meetings, political games, and so on.
And because his newborn child needs continuous care, he was in desperate need for more money and more time to spend with his family.

What we found out, together with David is: The job seemed to give him financial security, but in truth, it was the exact opposite. Working for a boss means ‘more time’ for ‘less money’.

Less time to relieve his wife as she was taking care of their child 24/7. But also less time to grow his own business.

We did the math: What he could make in a day with his own studio, took him 5 days, 1 full week working for a boss. David installed a few of our quick fixes to take the initial stress away. This way already a big relief for him.

Within 10 days he had 2 premium paying clients, giving him the financial room to quit working for his boss. By now he’s fully booked.

David regained his passion, happiness and energy to further implement all of our tips, tools and tricks. The twinkle is back in his eyes. 


The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Design It


You are unique, and so are your designs. And your clients need to know that too.  
Get inspired by our interior design business trainings and mentorship programs.

Join the other ambitious interior designers that use our effective formula to thrive.

We love to guide you on your journey to the next level... 🚀 and beyond!


You are unique, and so are your designs. And your clients need to know that too.  
Get inspired by our interior design business trainings and mentorship programs.

Join the other ambitious interior designers that use our effective formula to thrive.

We love to guide you on your journey to the next level... 🚀 and beyond!