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Patrick Takashi Casey

Patrick Takashi

Interior Designer, UK

Really like what you guys are doing

"Hello Marc en Sven and the rest of the team of Institute of Interior impact, really like what you guys are doing; raising the professional profile of our industry."
robert haddad

Robert Haddad

Interior Design Professor

Great initiative!

"My appreciation goes to the great initiative that you both have established at the Institute of Interior Impact. There are so many subjects to tackle in our profession nowadays. I am sure your podcast will open up the horizon to many other interesting designers."

Kristoff Dubose

Design Strategist

Such a good thing you are doing.

"It's such a good thing you guys are doing. Bringing everybody together to have this unified conversation about design and the impact it can have. Love it!"
victoria taylor interview

Victoria Taylor

Experience Expert

Marc always manages to create the most brilliant conversations

Marc is an excellent interviewer who makes his interviewees very comfortable. He is a consummate professional and always manages to create the most brilliant conversations through his confident, spontaneous questioning style that makes conversation flow very easy.

I enjoy being interviewed by Marc, but I would always like to hear more from Marc ; when you are the one in the "hot seat" you don't always hear as much from the interviewer. Marc is a great speaker and I hope that one day, I get to hear more from him on conference and events stages - I know he has much experience and many great stories to share with audiences all around the world. Thank you, Marc, for making the interview experience a great one.

Peter van Peborgh-Gooch

Hospitality Expert

The dynamic duo of international design

"Marc and Sven are the dynamic duo of international design. They have a powerful ‘Why’ at the heart of their business model and are a joy to work with at the Institute of Interior Impact. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they will help any design business to quickly find their purpose and balance it with the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whats’ that are key to success."
ilona maennchen

Ilona Maennchen


So inspiring!

"Your podcast, with Yalin, was so inspiring, how he build up his community and team. Makes me also thinking how to keep an overview of all subjects and how he managed to calculate the time schedule."
ilona maennchen

Ilona Maennchen


Marc, you're talented in it.

"Deborah is a charming guest with a lot of experience. I enjoyed her openness to hearing deep insides on how to handle personality emotions. Quite funny how the chat gave inputs. It does reflect as well our characteristics as Designers.
Thanks for your openness and cool moderation Marc, you are talented in it.
I learned to trust my personality and be not afraid to show myself. I'm working on it."


Interior Designer

Thanks a ton for this!

"The Beyond Interior Design Podcast with Kristoff [Dubose] was remarkable. I have gained great insights and new perspectives and have taken notes :)This is an empathetic approach and I believe this kind of design influences workspace culture greatly. Thanks a ton for this!"
elaine hollerhead

Elaine Hollerhead

Interior Designer



Nikita [Morell] is my kind of presenter - articulate , non- repetitive, happy to share her knowledge and to actually give helpful examples as to how we can improve our websites to attract, and communicate with, ideal clients !!

I will be watching it again and again - my website needs rewriting! Thank you so much for researching and interviewing such a great presenter!"

steffen donker

Steffen Donker

Interior Designer

Innovative, highly creative

"Sven van Buuren is a fast working, innovative, highly creative professional.

He has the talent to combine his social, negotiating skills with his creativity. This makes him an excellent designer in his time."

douglas robb

Douglas Robb

Interior Designer

Very, very, very interesting guy

"I recently interviewed Marc for the blog - video out soon - about his coaching business & philosophy. Very, very, very interesting guy.

If you're looking to level up your design business, you should definitely investigate his (upcoming) masterclass."

andre sterk

André Sterk

Marc is a creative genius

"Marc is a creative genius with an unprecedented empathy.
He knows exactly how to steer the experience of a target group through the correct translation into images and shapes. He is professional, driven, honest and a pleasant guy to work with."


Lieke's Experience

Lieke told us what our coaching program did to her interior design agency. How she attracts better clients, makes more profits and was able to go offline for a few months, while her interior design studio kept running.

ilona maennchen

Ilona Maennchen


I made the right decision

"I made the right decision to take the Impact Member course. I can follow the content well and it also gives me the opportunity to methodically rethink lines and tactics.

I've been on a work trip for a very long time and I'm still learning something in all the projects I've gone through. I also see on all the PDFs and especially the dictator that I've done a lot.

My problem is more the actual time and situation I'm going through. As you both said, it's going to be difficult and it's definitely going to get better. I have a strong power within me and I know what I can solve. Am confident. I think the Actuator certainly pushes a little more, but I feel like it's pulling me apart from the actual focus."

Niels Franken - Inspiror


interior designer

I knew my design principles but I wasn't able to name them

"This 'Design Principles' training has been an eye-opener for me on the one hand and a memory refresher on the other.

After my training as an interior designer, I first sat down on the other side of the (design) table to gain experience and after a few years I started designing full-time again and started my own design agency.

To continue to develop myself and my company, I did this 'Design Principles' training.

This made my design principles clear again.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I 'knew' my own principles and I used them automatically, but I couldn't really name them.

But now I can. Also I can now better acquire clients that really fit my company after the training.

Apart from the fact that I loved the '4D Signature Strategy' and that I would advise it, I also think it's a great recurring element that Marc or Sven calls me once in a while to see how I'm doing. Even being able to get a number of assignments through these 2 gentlemen. Then the training is earned back in no time! So it's definitely worth it!"


Interior Designer

I'm IN!

"I'm IN. I would love to be guided by you in my wonderful restart with MONVILLE. I look forward to your expertise and enthusiasm. [...] This morning, I watched your videos on 'what questions to ask your client' again. I had to laugh at times... they are absolutely fantastic... a true application of psychology. Also recognizable, even more colorful to see it in so many aspects and to apply it in reality soon. Boys, you are great! Have a nice weekend. And see you soon."


Interior Designer

I consider them my two mentors

"I consider Marc and Sven my two mentors who guide me not just in my professional life but also help me with my personal challenges. Spending time with them only makes you smarter. They will inspire you to work hard and do so on your own terms."


Please learn from their mistakes

"I was always looking for smart ways to make more impact with my business. And now, after a Zoom call with Marc I know exactly what to do next!"



Interior Designer

Thank you so much!

"Thank you so much for all that you shared with me the other day. I’m glad I signed up for the call. It was an eye opening conversation about everything that’s been going on in my head. I’m hoping we can have more conversations like this in the future."



Interior Designer

I really do recommend this

"Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me, and your valuable time. It really was truly insightful and also validating for me to know that someone else is able to connect with designing spaces for people - not on paper, but seeing a real human making that connection is great.

I really do recommend this jam sessions with veterans in your chosen field; in this case, Interior Design. It was really easy to feel the commitment to making the service of Interior Design more efficient and rewarding for the professionals in the field, listening to him speak. For me, the biggest insight was looking at exploring how I can marry my researcher brain with my creative heart. Both can coexist and the synergy of both would create amazing design solutions for my clients.
I highly recommend this free session. I will definitely be subscribing because I'm pretty sure there's a lot more where that came from. Thanks very much."


Finally I know the how!

"I'm really impressed with what Marc taught me.
About Marc's step by step explanation and the quality of the mentorship program. Finally I know the how!"


Interior Designer

You don't learn this in school!

 You don't learn this in [design] school, even though this is exactly what it's all about!

nathalie jungerius


Interior Designer

Openness, Uninhibitedness & Sincerity

"Marc radiates enthusiasm about his own profession and also about the enthusiasm of all the creatives who follow his course. I can almost poetically name his company, along with Sven, Openness, Uninhibitedness & Sincerity. If you want to delve deeper into the interior design profession and need inspiration and golden tips on how to deal with your clients; approach the Institute of Interior Impact."

Marlous - Bohjerte Interiors


Interior Designer


"Marc's words hit my design vision spot-on: 'Beautiful is not good enough.' With his guidance, I transformed my intake process and communication. Now, clients start already aligned with my vision, making projects smoother. No more difficult persuasion conversations, but understanding from the beginning. Thanks for the amazing training!"


Roos Vollebrecht

Interior Designer

Amazing how quickly he got to know me

"During a Coaching Call, Marc got to know me in a short amount of time, which enabled him to give many good tips. It's amazing how quickly Marc got to know me and my business. Among other things, I came with the question; How do I attract clients who really suit me? Together we concluded that by showing more of who is behind the company, and showing what you stand for, you then reach a new target audience. This and much more has made me think about my company's approach and my interior design advice."

elaine hollerhead

Elaine Hollerhead

Interior Designer

It is wonderful to feel so supported

"Marc has such an engaging personality and is so dynamic.

His encouragement to ‘think outside the box’ was so inspiring!

I am amazed by Marcs’ ability to both grasp and understand my unique service provision and be able to so quickly identify the areas where he can help me to enhance this and enable my company to remain both ethical and generate more income.

It is wonderful to feel so supported when working alone!"

Elroy van Duivenbode

Interior Designer

Very Insightful!

"With the training itself, I still had occasional questions, but the live sessions make it more than worth the investment! I found it very insightful how much effort goes into preparing for a client - with a pre-survey and the call script - to ensure that it's genuinely much easier 'the umpteenth time.' I already had a questionnaire, but in a completely different way.
Often, I felt like I'm explaining things to the client for the 20,000th time, and at some point, you get tired of it.
Extremely valuable, Marc, thank you!"

Anika Hofman

Anika Hofman

Interior Designer

Many things seem obvious, but you still need to apply them

"My coaching call with Marc was good, insightful, inspiring, and eye-opening! Many things seem obvious when you hear or read them in the training, but you still need that to apply them.

Sometimes it's hard to put those things into words because they seem 'ordinary' or just happen.

My biggest insights are:

  1. It's about value, not time.
  2. Everything is 'for them'
  3. If the company and process are strong through systems, it doesn't matter anymore what you ask, because the customer knows you have it under control. And then they are also willing to invest.

Thank you for the information! And until the next call!"