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Marc, thanks for the nice coaching conversation this morning. Quite a few seeds have been planted and radars turned on again 😉
Lieke, interior design business owner

What an impact our conversation! Like a train that rumbled over me. Almost all emotions passed by. In particular a breakdown that lasted until today 4pm in performance and "does this feel good"! It's uncomfortable and that's so close to a breakthrough.

Anyway, thanks for the new structures needed in various areas of my life.

Linda, interior design business owner
Marlous - Bohjerte Interiors

From last year I apply my new detailed vision and the projects run much more smoothly. It sometimes surprises new clients, but from there it works perfectly for both parties. No difficult persuasive conversations, no clients who keep coming up with new wishes or realizations that deviate from the design.

Thanks for your good help!

Marlous, interior design business owner
Maureen K. Calamia - Luminous Spaces

Such a powerful, heart-centered approach to living an enlightened life, in every way. It was wonderful to speak with you today.

Maureen, interior design business owner
elaine hollerhead

Truly inspirational and I am really looking forward to designing my first ‘Service Package’.

Meanwhile I have been working on Module 2 and completed the ASK Questionnaire. Very interesting and quite shocking result!

Elaine, interior design business owner
nathalie jungerius

I'm IN. I would like to be guided by you in my beautiful restart with my design studio. I look forward to your expertise and enthusiasm.

Checked your posts again this morning. I also had to laugh sometimes.. totally amazing! A true application of psychology. Recognizable too, now even more colorful to see it in so many points and later actually apply it. Boys, you are great!

Nathalie, interior design business owner

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