Complaints Procedure

We assume that complaints hardly ever occur, since we are open to feedback and are happy to think along if someone is not satisfied. Should anyone nevertheless have a complaint, we will handle this complaint in the following manner:


The person who has a complaint makes this known in writing (possibly after he or she has expressed this verbally) by sending an email to Date of receipt of this e-mail is the date on which the complaint was received.

Clarification can be requested by email.


Within 5 working days after submitting the complaint, the complaining person will receive an email confirming that the complaint has been received.

This person will be informed within 10 working days about the further handling of the complaint. Depending on the nature of the complaint:

1. We will follow up with an email with a proposal to handle the complaint;

2. We will follow up with a conversation to hear the complainant and, if necessary, discuss options for resolving the issue. This will in principle take place by telephone or a Zoom call. In mutual consultation, another form of communication can be agreed upon.


Marc Müskens and Sven van Buuren are ultimately responsible and, depending on the complaint, determines whether they will handle this themselves or whether they will commission an employee or outside person to do so. The intention will always be to resolve the complaint. Connecting is paramount within this company and will therefore also be central to this complaint handling.


After the complaint has been settled, a concluding e-mail will follow stating what has been agreed or how everything has been resolved. The aim is to have a complaint fully resolved within one month of submission.