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The Interior Impact Formula© Blueprint

  • Create time in your busy schedule
  • Stop the designer ratrace of being overworked and underpaid
  • Save yourself tons of e-mails with dozens of questions
  • Simplify your business model
  • Elevate your full potential
  • And... communicate and raise your unique value
The Interior Impact Formula Blueprint
Stay in the Flow overview

Stay In The Flow 

Attract more & better clients!  

  • Improve your interior design business AND make your client happier.
  • In this 5-part speed course you will get valuable insights and tips.
  • Whether you're struggling with understanding client needs,
  • Or you're seeking to establish your expertise,
  • Or looking for guidance in managing your design studio.
The Quick A.S.K. Activator Overview

Stop Working Your *ss Off
Start Getting Some Awesome Projects

The Quick A.S.K. Activator© is designed to have more projects but be less busy
and deliver designs that exceed your clients expectations.

  • Never have to sell your design again
  • Connect with your clients on a deeper level
  • Understand your clients thoughts and emotions
  • Create a great synergy with your clients
  • Remove all the guesswork in the design process
  • Learn the art of not being 'busy’ but ‘in full control’ over your projects!
*stand alone module of the full Interior Impact Formula©
Interior Impact Formula

The Full Interior Impact Formula©

Achieve growth in projects, clients, profits, lifestyle and overall design experience!
Are you looking for bigger success?

Do you dream of creating breathtaking spaces WHILE living a financially and creatively free life?

Then our proven system for interior designers is perfect for you.

Start making real growth with your design studio. Minor Tweaks - Big Impact.


* you will get full access to all of our training modules
Marc and Sven

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

    Ready to unlock your full potential? 

    Get the confidence to tackle the projects you always dreamt of.
    Whether that's luxury residential projects, or any kind of commercial spaces.
    They're all projects that require a deep understanding of your clients' unique needs.

    Together we will bring your interior design business to new heights.
    Deliver exceptional designs, build strong client relationships, and unlock your full potential as an interior designer.

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This Is What Others Say About Us:

Marc and Sven are the dynamic duo of international design. 

They have a powerful ‘Why’ at the heart of their business model and are a joy to work with at the Institute of Interior Impact. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they will help any design business to quickly find their purpose and balance it with the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whats’ that are key to success.
Peter van Pebourgh, hospitality expert
steffen donker

Sven van Buuren is a fast working, innovative, highly creative professional.

He has the talent to combine his social, negotiating skills with his creativity. This makes him an excellent designer in his time.

Steffen Donker, interior designer
elaine hollerhead

Marc has such an engaging personality and is so dynamic.

His encouragement to ‘think outside the box’ was is so inspiring!

I am amazed by Marcs’ ability to both grasp and understand my unique service provision and be able to so quickly identify the areas where he can help me to enhance this and enable my company to remain both ethical and generate more income.

It is wonderful to feel so supported when working alone!

Elaine Hollerhead, interior designer
andre sterk

Marc is a creative genius with an unprecedented empathy.
He knows exactly how to steer the experience of a target group through the correct translation into images and shapes. He is professional, driven, honest and a pleasant guy to work with.

André Sterk
Marlous - Bohjerte Interiors

Projects now run much more smoothly.

It sometimes surprises new clients, but from there it works perfectly for both parties. No difficult persuasive conversations, no clients who keep coming up with new wishes or realizations that deviate from the design.

Marlous Steevens, interior designer

Interior Impact Formula© Blueprint

  • Create time in your busy schedule
  • Stop the designer ratrace of being overworked and underpaid
  • Save yourself hundreds of questions and e-mails
  • Simplify your business model;
  • And... communicate and raise your unique value!
The Interior Impact Formula Blueprint