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Grow my business?

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More Designing. Less Hassling.

Student Success Stories

Time for what I love
"Marc and Sven has given me great insights with very clear principles! Not only in terms of designing, I know that, but mainly about how I can best approach the process with customers. I have a lot more time for the things I enjoy doing the most!"


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"Marc is bursting with enthusiasm about our profession and also about the enthusiasm of all the creatives who follow his course. I can almost poetically name his company together with Sven with 3 O's: (In Dutch: Openheid & Onbevangenheid & Oprechtheid) Openness & Open-minded & Sincerity. Do you want to strengthen your knowledge of the interior profession and do you need inspiration and golden tips on how to deal with your customers? Then join the Institute of Interior Impact."

I'm fully booked

"Within 10 days I had 2 new premium paying clients. By now I'm fully booked. Thank you, it changed my life!"


You are unique, and so is your design. And your prospects need to know that too.  
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