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Marc Müskens (1983, The Netherlands) is fond of contrasts and stories. He likes to interact with all kinds of people, in different places. Marc can enjoy the smallest things and create unforgettable experiences. With his continuous hunger for physical and mental challenge, this is 'Living on Your Own Terms' for him. The feeling of freedom.

 “When was the last time you did 

  something for the first time?”


No doubt about it: Marc Müskens has always dreamed of becoming an interior designer. Many would be surprised at how many detailed drawings and plans of luxury homes you can find in his coloring books. With his youthful portion of impatience, he couldn't wait to get his title in the design world.

Under the supervision of Lidewij Edelkoort and Liesbeth van der Pol, he graduated in 2007 from the Dutch renowned Design Academy Eindhoven, which has since produced countless influential designers. In 2008, Marc Müskens proudly opened the doors of his first design studio. Ready to further explore the boundaries of interior design and architecture.

The best ideas are the ideas that

make life more beautiful.


His side experience in the hospitality, international tourism and entertainment sector taught him the art of exceeding expectations and fulfilling desires. When Marc started to use this natural talent in his own business, he soon realized that the interior architecture profession was not just about 'dragging beautiful things into a building. There was more to this. Much more. The impact of Interior Design was way bigger than previously assumed.

This personal journey of discovery inspired Marc Müskens to let others experience, see and feel the same. When his path unexpectedly crossed with Sven van Buuren in 2015, it was soon no longer about 'how' something would look like, but especially 'why' it should look like this. And that's when the first seeds were planted for the Institute of Interior Impact. 

With a vision of what is possible. Based on functionality and personal meaning.

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Design Academy Eindhoven NL, under Lidewij Edelkoort & Liesbeth van der Pol  ● 2001 - 2007

Hospitality, International Tourism & Entertainment ● 2003 - 2004

Owner Zoommm, Interior design for successful living ● 2008 - 2018

Nominated for Design in Detail Awards ● 2008 

Property development projects ● 2009 - 2014    

TV show Topstylist ● 2009                

Nominated for Building Holland Award ● 2010                

Book Launch: Interior Design in 7 Steps ● 2014                

Co-owner Masters of Interior Design (with Sven van Buuren) ● 2016 - now      

Launch online training: Sell your house this way ● 2017                

Co-owner Institute of Interior Impact ● 2021 - now      

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