How to STAY IN THE FLOW with your interior design business...

Today you'll finally get that new interior design down. 🥳 

But then your phone rings... 📞 📲

(and your inbox is full of questions that need answers...📬📬)

And a contractor calls you for paint colors... ☎️

and a reminder for ordering some sample tiles... 😤

and another phone call... 🤬

Stay in the Flow overview

If you implement the "Stay in the Flow" video series you will:

get better interior design clients

Have better interior design clients

Still the same people, but they will follow your lead better. And pay you better as well.

Never go back to your old standard

Even though life is good now. This will bring you to a whole new level in working with your clients.

Make more impact with your designs

You'll reach new levels, be more inspired and create your best work ever.
How to give your interior design clients a comfortable feeling that they are in the right hands? So they trust you to guide them through a new and scary process for them.

See there is more available for you

You will no longer be another expense but you will become an investment for your clients.

Get returning clients

Your clients will become addicted to you. They'll even do sales for you and advise you to their friends.

Be much more relaxed than you are now

You will be able to spend much more time on your creativity instead of answering all sorts of ad-hoc stuff.

Stay in the Flow overview

Stay In The Flow Video Series

With the 5-part Stay in the Flow video series

You don't throw your current way of working overboard

You simply finetune a few steps and checks in your current way of working.

You just implement a few changes and completely alter your business.

It's like Steve Jobs said: "Details are not the details. They make the design." And it's no different with this.

What our members say:

Thanks for your openness Marc, you are talented in it.

I learned to trust my personality and be not afraid to show myself.

Love, Ilona

I was very curious towards the video's and I watched them all. I found them to be very clear and fun to watch. Clear explanations and solid advices!

Best, M
Hello Marc en Sven and the rest of the team of Institute of Interior Impact, really like what you guys are doing; raising the professional profile of our industry.
Thanks! Patrick
Earlier today I watched another one of the video's.

 It's so great to hear things like this from an experienced interior designer!

Greetings and thanks! I

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