The Interior Impact
Mentorship Program

3 months training and coaching program

● Do you ask yourself these questions?
"How do I..." 

    ...Grow my Interior Design Studio? 

    ...Get better projects?

    ...Get premium clients?

    ...Get awesome clients?

    ...While making more impact?

Then this may be just the thing you're looking for:

The Interior Impact Mentorship Program

The 5 key elements to make more profit and impact with your passion: 

The Quick



Dig deep to design light 

The L.I.V.E.

on Your Terms

Design your life and your business

The 4D

Communicate your design religion

The Practical



is a system

The Proven


Unleash your inner power

The Interior Impact   Formula Guarantees: 

  •  More time doing what you like;
  • Clients that trust you and listen to you;
  •  Better design processes;
  •  Growing your interior design studio;
  •  Making more money;
  •  Experience more creative freedom;
  •  Successful, fulfilling projects;
  •  Transforming any client into a great client;
  •  You'll be creating your best work ever;
  •  You will make more impact with your designs!


❌ Wasting time designing countless different version

Without clients calling you 24/7 whenever it suits them

❌ Without annoying questions, hiccups or other trouble

❌ Without constantly having to defend your design decisions

❌ Without you having to give up your vision or sell your soul

 ❌ Without customers blocking your ideas

❌ Without projects taking up more time than planned

Without adding any more hours

They Already Make More Impact:

Finally I Know the how!

I'm really impressed with what Marc taught me in the webinar.
About Marc's step by step explanation and the quality of the mentorship program. Finally I Know the how!       

Please learn from their mistakes

I was always looking for smart ways to make more impact with my business. And now, after the call I know exactly what to do next!   


I feel so lucky to meet those two

I see them as my two mentors who guide me not only in my professional life but they also help me with my struggles. Spending time with them will only make you smarter. They will inspire you to work hard and on your own terms. 
Testimonial Erik
Thank you guys, I'm in!

They showed me that I was pending my time energy and money on the wrong things.
I wish I knew this earlier. Thank you guys I'm in!    


This is what it's all about:

Module 1: Participation

The Quick A.S.K. Activator©

Dig deep to design light.
Interior Design is all about communication. Meaning: if you don’t find out the REAL question of your client, you have a huge chance for projects to go wrong. With the Interior Impact Formula you will have a proven, effective system to discover the deeper level BEHIND your clients request.

Module 2: Purpose

The L.I.V.E. on Your Terms Toolkit©

It's all about connecting the dots.

The L.I.V.E. On Your Terms Toolkit© is all about how you can create something so your clients know that this is going to be absolutely right for them. For their values, for what they can see as their vision for their life.

Module 3: Principles

The 4D Signature Strategy©

Communicate your design religion.If you don't have principles, then you're just like every other designer. It makes it impossible for your clients to know whether or not they have to choose you.

The 4D Signature Strategy© is about what it is that you are known for. How to position yourself as the only solution for your ideal clients.

Module 4: Process

The Practical M.A.G.I.C. Method©

Creativity is a System.

This is the one thing that separates professionals from amateurs. You’ve got to organise your working method. Because, if people don't know what the process is, they keep on interfering with your design and eventually take over the lead.

Fixing this, means more designing, less hassling.

Module 5: Potential

The Proven P.O.W.E.R. Plan©

Unleash your inner power.We hear designers say over and over again:

‣ “I know I have more in me!"

‣ “I know that there's more out there!”

‣ “I know i can help more people!”

But how on earth do you do that?

The Proven P.O.W.E.R Plan© is your next level!

Many successful design agencies already work this way.
Why don't you? 

Normal price of Interior Impact 3 months Mentorship Program is: EUR 2497.
Right now your investment will be just EUR 997.

  • 3 Months program starting right now
  • EUR 997 is approximately 1070 USD
  • Dozens of Training Video's, Downloads, Checklists, Blueprints, Scripts
  • Exclusive new content updates
  • Worksheets and Assignments
  • Live in-person Explanatory Webinars 
  • Live Q&A Sessions
  • Hot Seat Sessions
  • Access to our international interior designers community
  • Direct access to Sven & Marc!


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100% satisfaction guaranteed!

If you, for whatever reason, are not satisfied with the Interior Impact Training, you will get a full refund of your investment, any time in the next 30 days. If something does not work, if you run into something, just contact our support team (, so we can help you get the results or refund your investment. We're here for you to make you thrive!