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How to Make more Impact with your Interior Design business

Marc Müskens

by Marc Müskens

Marc Müskens (1983, The Netherlands) is fond of contrasts and stories. He likes to interact with all kinds of people, in different places. Marc can enjoy the smallest things and create unforgettable experiences. With his continuous hunger for physical and mental challenge, this is 'Living on Your Own Terms' for him. The feeling of freedom.

What to expect from this MasterClass?

  • Get smoother design projects easily
    During this MasterClass webinar you will discover valuable insights in how to smoothen out your design process.
  • Discover how to grow your interior design firm
    Not by adding more staff, but by being able to get bigger projects and a stable income.
  • Learn how to build a stronger personal brand
    And how to communicate your brand with a couple of principles you share with your clients.
  • Get awesome, premium paying clients
    Marc will teach you how you can reach those clients that will easily pay you more, trust your design decisions and love to follow your ideas.
  • Make more Impact with your designs
    This is the ultimate outcome, if your clients take over all of your design ideas you will make a much bigger impact on their lives.

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