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I believe you had some great insights with the Stay In The Flow video series.
Now, what I really suggest you to do, is take the next step towards the best interior design projects ever. 

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Marc and Sven
Instead of hearing all that creative fuzz
Instead of questioning your creative decisions
Instead of clients ignoring your ideas

"Don't you just want to design beautiful interiors? "

Do you remember why you started this beautiful profession?

Do you remember, at design school, your teachers just handed you a nice assignment? It was your job to solve these assignments creatively, according to your own ideas and insights. And you were good at that, right?

But in real life running your interior design business things turn out to be slightly different...

All of a sudden there is a client with its own wishes, emotions and weird antics that really mess up your design.

This is something that can't be solved with more creativity.
It can't be solved by becoming a better designer.

No, you need other skills.

And that's exactly what we are all about. If you follow our steps, it will give you the freedom to make beautiful things again!

Do you recognize any of the points below? Then what I'm about to tell you really is something for you:

  • Hey, I'm a creative - not a business person!
  • I'm full of ideas, but it's hard to convince my clients...
  • I'm really busy and occasionally work late nights.
  • Sometimes my clients are all over the place!
  • My clients don't always follow my advice.
  • Planning often is a bit of a thing...
  • My clients keep coming up with changes and additions!
  • If they'd only trust my advice a bit more...

Are you open for this:

Together with you I want to dig into how you run your interior design agency.
We'll turn the knobs to get you and your interior design business to the next level.
The level where you can just design those beautiful interiors and don't have to worry about all the other stuff.

Many successful interior designers already work this way.

I know, working on these business things doesn't sound like a lot of fun, right?
That is why I want to take you by the hand make it easy for you instead of a pain in the ...
I'll help you get back your creative freedom. You know what I’m capable of, you’ve seen it yourself. 

So, do you want to go on this journey with me?

For the coming days only, I have our expert level guidance for an ultimate low price.
Just for you. I do this because I've seen you are a go-getter.
You worked with me during the Stay in the Flow video series.

This is your window of opportunity to take things to the next level.

From only 19 euros per month I will personally guide you with a week-by-week implementation exercise that fits right into your busy schedule.
But not only that. You'll get much more: Q&A sessions, MasterClasses and interior designers only - webinars, and so on.

Start your journey with me
I'll take you by the hand and guide you through all those pitfalls and caveats

Institute of Interior Impact

Interieur Training inhoud

This is what we will help you with:

  • Getting a grip on the design trajectory
  • Getting clients that want you because you're the expert
  • Raising the value of your designs
  • Getting clients that better understand your design decisions
  • Letting your business and yourself grow
  • Enlarging the impact you make on your clients lives

It's time to only do, what you like the most!

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Make your best designs ever!

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About Institute of Interior Impact

Institute of Interior Impact is recognized by the international interior design community. With more than 165,000 members, Marc Müskens and Sven van Buuren are the proud founders of the Interior Architecture Group. It is the largest LinkedIn community of interior and architecture disciplines worldwide.

Every day dozens of interior architects, architects, interior designers, engineers, artists and manufacturers join to be part of this online platform. It is a growing community, with the power to responsibly design our world.

When you join us to make your interior design firm thrive, our crew is your crew. Although we admit to be fanatically obsessed by interior design, we’re pretty normal ;)

Happy fellow members

Marc has given me great insights with very clear basic principles!

Not only in terms of design, I know that, but especially about how I can best approach the process with customers.

Brigit - interior designer

With Marc's tips and advice I can really get started!

Now that I've had Marc's tips and advice, I know what to do to better help my customers with interior styling. I can get started!
Emmely - interior decorator
I am really impressed with what they taught me!
I am really impressed with what they taught me. About Marc's clear step-by-step explanation and the quality of this course.

Bruna - real estate creative

What is your success story?

"I feel a lot more confident!"

"After a few weeks I started to feel a lot more confident and because of that I can now also appear more professional, without having sleepless nights. Previously I could never explain why I had made a certain choice. I even I sometimes had to redo an entire interior because I found out that I didn't have enough information from the family and because I couldn't quite tell what the thought behind it was.Now that's no longer an issue because I know what they want and can do argue it. It feels like my value as an interior stylist has increased."

"Now I know my designs are worth it!"

"Because the entire process now takes less time, it sometimes feels like I'm cheating, haha. You subconsciously relate a value to the time you put in. I didn't expect it, but my designs have become even better because they really match the wishes and problems of my customers Sending an invoice was sometimes quite a thing, but now I know that my designs are worth it and I have even increased my price!!! How cool is that!!! Thank you!  I'm much happier and have more free time!"

Start your journey with us
Introduction Discount

This is what you'll get:

Week-by-week exercises: the Impact of Interior Design

We know you're busy. So are we. So we tailor-made our exercises for you. We have a weekly short video we send you on Fridays, combined with an easy to do lesson for the next week. Built to fit with your busy schedule.

changemakers community

Interior Designers Community: You are not alone

You don't have to do it all by yourself. Ask questions and collaborate with other designers in our Interior Design Community. The more we help each other, the more impact we make.

Bi-weekly Q&A sessions: ask questions and get inspired

Every other week Marc will host free to join Q&A sessions where you can ask your questions when you have something on your mind. You can also join and listen to other questions being asked, with answers that may inspire you. The recordings will be available to you as a member. So no worries if you miss one due to your busy schedule.

live sessions

Webinars: different topics

Regularly we host webinars about things that matter to us interior designers. Only as a member of the Institute of Interior Impact you can watch the recordings, at any time that suits you.
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Join now and get the following bonuses:

The Art of Pricing Formula, worth € 1.000,-

With the Art of Pricing Formula you will be able to get your new client to ask you:
"Where do I sign?" right at the table. At your first meeting.

You will leave an amazing 1st impression with your new clients, making them super eager to get to work with you!

You will effortlessly convert them from potential client to ambassador, so they will recommend you in their network as the expert in your field, leaving you with a structural stream of happy clients!


Expert Coaching Session, worth € 197,-

When was the last time you really sat down with someone to talk about your interior design studio? With full 100% attention?
With someone who is really dedicated and helping you to zoom out?

Like: Hey, where are you now? What is your current situation? And where do you want to go? What is your vision? But also... What are the steps to get there?

We now temporarily offer a free 45 min coaching session with one of our interior design business experts.

Yes, sign me up!


To become a member of the Institute of Interior Impact
is now possible from only € 19 per month, and this is what you'll get:

  • Discover how to create more impact with your interior designs;
  • You know exactly how to ask your clients the right questions and keep them under control, so that you can create the best designs for them with ease;
  • You follow proven strategies that make your clients put their trust in you in no-time;
  • You get to know your awesome clients really well. As a result, you have mega focus on that awesome client, you will have a much better design process and as a result have a much more satisfied client.
  • You only take those steps that have been proven to be successful, including scripts on how to handle prospects and clients especially for interior designers;
  • You will always have an answer to the question: 'How do I get this client to work with me?' thanks to the right worksheets and questions to ask;
  • You have the right ingredients for a continuous relaxed lifestyle, more impact, more happy clients and more fun in your business.

* All amounts are without VAT, upon payment you may see the price including VAT, depending on where your business is based. By purchasing the program you declare that you agree with our Terms and Conditions and that you have also taken note of and agree to the cancellation conditions as stated on this page.
Marc and Sven

Do you want awesome clients and dream projects where you can be your authentic you and design like your authentic you wants to design? Then register right now.

Do you have any questions, are things not clear or do you want to know whether this training is suitable for you/your interior design studio? Or do you want to participate at this discount rate, but do you want to start a little later? Mail us via info[at]instituteofinteriorimpact.com and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If not, just click the button below and we'll see you soon!

Marc & Sven,
founders of Institute of Interior Impact

Why other interior designers advise you to do this:

100% satisfaction guaranteed!


If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with this training, you will get your full investment back at any time within the first 30 days. If something doesn't work, or you can't figure something out, please contact our support team so we can either help you get results or refund your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be my time investment?

You will receive a module every week. This includes a video with a duration of 3-15 minutes (we try to keep things short for you) and a regular worksheet. Viewing and implementing the information from the module requires approximately 1.5 hours to half a day per week. Sometimes a little more, other times a little less. Depending on where you stand in your business. Block that time in your calendar. Preferrably a block on Friday and two or three times a week about half an hour.

How long will this training last?

First of all, it's not a training as most trainings are. It's a guidance. You can join us and ride with us for as long as you want. 

You don't have to watch the modules right after you received them. They will remain in the online environment for you. Just make sure you block some time to catch up. So, going on a vacation won't be an issue.

What if I want to go on vacation?

It only makes sense that you want to take a break once in a while. That is not a problem. We have taken into account that you may have a break week every once in a while. You can always catch up. If you want to pause for a longer time, just let us know. You don't have to feel rushed. Just enjoy the process. 

Can I always reach the lessons?

After your payment, you can access the online learning environment within 5 minutes. You will have access to all the lessons for as long as you are a member of the Institute of Interior Impact. You can log in 24/7 and get started. I assume that you are joining because you can't wait to get started and to finally make a real success of your interior design business.

Do I also get live guidance from Marc and Sven, or is it just self study?

You can do this on your own if you want, but we are convinced that you can get a lot more out of it if you actively participate on the live moments and are available in the closed community.

The live moments consist of: 1x every 14 days a Q&A and group coaching call via Zoom.

Marc does occasionally organize some extra live sessions and coaching calls.

Do I need marketing skills or any other skills I may not have?

Don't worry! As long as you are an interior designer and you have your own business, you're good.

You do not need any specific knowledge for this. With the right positive attitude and focus, combined with our years of experience and your knowledge of the interior design world, you can become super happy and successful with your interior design business. Even if you don't feel like you're an entrepreneur.

Doesn't this cost me a lot of time
(on things I don't like)?

Your interior design business does not grow by itself, even if you have a great business strategy, right? You have to invest time, energy and money to make grow. This applies to all sorts of business, including yours.

In the beginning, you invest in a strategy that is built around creating more time. By following our surprisingly simple and proven step-by-step plan, you do this as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Once that's running, you spend less time on the annoying things and more time than you ever dreamed on the creative side! You will get plenty of clients that follow and trust your creative lead. So it is more than worth the investment.

Do I have to make big investments in other tools, software, people, etc.?

No, you don't. We don't advice the use of expensive tools that take over your work. It could be that we advise you to use a certain tool that will save you time or money, but the things we teach will work regardless.

There is already a lot of free information about growing your business, what is the added value of the Institute of Interior Impact?

So true, the internet is full of business advice, tools, tips and tricks. Chances are you've already checked that out 😉. But there is also a good chance that you will drown in the amount of information and choices that prevent you from taking action. Truth be told, there is also a lot of information out there that does not work for our line of field. Also, the structure is hard to find on the internet and everyone says something different.

Be honest, how much have you actually accomplished by watching all those videos? By reading books? By studying blogs?

In the Institute of Interior Impact you will learn from A-Z how to grow your own interior design agency in the right order. With solid steps that cannot be found on the internet. These came forth out of years of experience and research.

Perhaps even more valuable is the personal help you receive within our community and the help Marc and Sven will give you. So you don't swim in an overload of information and you don't get stuck when you hear WHAT to do, but not HOW.

Within the Institute of Interior Impact environment you will hear exactly HOW to create the right structure with all step-by-step videos, worksheets and ready-made templates. In addition, you get access to a great group of fellow interior design entrepreneurs who have their own interior design agency, just like you.

And by making the investment, you make a commitment to yourself the moment you invest in yourself. It shows that you take your interior design business, and with it your growth, seriously and are willing to invest time and resources in it. Just look at the participants who preceded you in the Institute of Interior Impact.

With our personal help and the other participants around you, you can finally start growing your interior design agency. So that your business grows and you attract a continuous stream of awesome clients. For the price of a couple of latte macchiato's per month. Also: do you believe that you will bring in at least a small percentage of growth with our program? Register now. What are you waiting for?! 

Can I tax deduct the investment?

Yes, if you're an entrepreneur and have a tax number or Chamber of Commerce number, you can deduct the costs, because they are costs that incur in your company.

Why is this program unique compared to other trainings?

The Institute of Interior Impact is the first and most complete online program and community for ambitious interior design entrepreneurs, in which you learn step-by-step how to grow and prosper your interior design business.

We, Marc and Sven, bring in 20+ years of our own experience. We combined this with research, best practices and pitfalls from our interior design community with over 165k members worldwide. In short, we know what we're talking about.

This way you too will soon be successful with your interior design agency.

How do you deal with complaints?

We would like to hear from you if you are not satisfied, so that we can see how we can solve this together. Do you have a complaint? Then we use this complaints procedure.

Can I leave my feedback somewhere?

Yes, of course! We value your feedback very much. That is why we ask everyone who joined us to fill in an evaluation form, on which you can leave all of your feedback. In addition, we have intensive contact in the closed community during the training and during the coaching calls, so you never have to walk around with a question or uncertainty for long. And not with a compliment either ☺️

Do I need to purchase additional teaching materials in addition to joining the Institute of Interior Impact?

No, if you register you will receive all the teaching material you need from us. So you don't have to purchase anything extra.

If I change my mind, do I get my money back?

Yes, you can find all the details in our Terms and Conditions.

What if I have a question during my self study?

Super! We are happy to think along with you and answer your questions. You don't have to wait until the next coaching call for that. You can ask all of your questions 24/7 in our community. This is also informative for other members. We are available in the community every working day and will then answer your question.

What if I have a technical issue?

You can always request our help by email, so that we can take a look at what is going on. You can do this via support@instituteofinteriorimpact.com. We check our mail every working day and, depending on the urgency, we will answer your mail within a maximum of 2 working days.

Where do I find the learning environment?

After you have registered and paid, you will receive your login details. You can use the online environment on your computer as well as via the Huddle app on your phone. You will also find our community within this environment,  where you can ask questions or share something at any time of the day.

Where do I find your terms and conditions?

You can find them here.

Could coaching calls be cancelled?

Basically, our planned calls always go ahead. Of course, there can sometimes be force majeure. In that case, we will make up for the coaching call at another time.

Will the training remain mine when I stop?

No, the training is our property. You can follow the lessons for the duration of your membership.

Will you keep an eye on whether I'm still working on the training?

In our system we can see which lessons you have taken and of course we notice when you are or are not present at the coaching calls or other online live sessions.

We regularly send messages to members that we missed during a call, because we do this together with you and want you to succeed.

However, we do expect your own responsibility, so that you follow the lessons yourself. After all, we are no longer in primary school where the teacher holds your hand, are we?

You are responsible for the correct deployment and doing the assignments. We are happy to help you with guidance, knowledge and answer your questions.

I've got another question, now what?

Do you have another question about the Institute of Interior Impact? Don't worry, just send us an email with your question. On working days we try to answer your questions within 48 hours. You can mail us at info@instituteofinteriorimpact.com. We'd love to hear from you!

Institute of Interior Impact Marc and Sven
* All amounts are without VAT, upon payment you may see the price including VAT, depending on where your business is based. By purchasing the program you declare that you agree with our Terms and Conditions and that you have also taken note of and agree to the cancellation conditions as stated on this page.

The value of this is priceless.

We share the exact knowledge
that brought us and
other interior designers success.

It only requires a small investment of € 19 per month to get your interior design agency to the next level.

What will it cost you if you keep on trying to do it on your own?

YES, I want access!

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