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Week-by-week Exercises

We know you're busy. So are we. So we tailor-made our exercises for you. Every week you will get one short video, combined with an easy to implement exercise. Built to fit in with your interior design lifestyle.

changemakers community

Private Interior Designers Community

You don't have to do it all by yourself. Ask questions and collaborate with other designers in our private Interior Design Community. The more we help each other, the more impact we make.

Regular Group Calls

Regularly Marc will host free to join club gatherings where you can ask your questions. The recordings of these group calls will be available to you as a member. So no worries if you miss one due to your busy schedule.

Beyond Interior Design LIVE Shows + Exclusive Content

Did you already attend our Beyond Interior Design LIVE Shows? Only as a member of the Institute of Interior Impact you can watch the recordings and have access to exclusive content, at any time that suits you.

Only by becoming an official member of

the Beyond Interior Club you make our mission possible.


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