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With Victoria Taylor, Designing experiences, one moment at a time   

Wednesday, December 14, 11am CET (GMT + 1:00) Amsterdam

(10am London, 05am New York, 02am Los Angeles, 09pm Sydney)

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Every day potential clients are looking for someone to help them designing their new home, office, restaurant or hotel, but…

- What is the reason to choose you?
- How are you standing out to them in the service you provide?

We all know it is a challenge to stand out. Initially online (in the digital world) and then physically in the real world. We are inundated with choice in a continuously experientially driven world, so how do we create the right conditions with our design studio for magic to happen?

"If you think you need to become a better designer, you are wrong!"

In this Beyond Interior Design LIVE, we have experience and experiential consultant, Victoria Taylor to share her experience with us. Victoria travels the world, visiting the most beautiful destinations, consulting hospitality and travel brands on how to create extraordinary in an increasing experience led world.

She has an insatiable curiosity for the exceptional and works with her clients to deliver exceptional this time, next time and every time.

So.. the key to success is just that? Creating extraordinary experiences...?

Discover in our next Beyond Interior Design LIVE.

PS. Did you know 89% of companies that lead with experience perform financially better than their competitors? (Forbes)

Hope to see you on December 14th!


Your host: Marc Müskens

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