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What we can learn from large brands

Guest: Kristoff D'oria di Cirie  

March 28, 11am CET - Amsterdam Time
[ 10am London, 2pm Dubai, 5am New York ]    

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Kristoff D'oria Di Cirie
"As designers we are all sensitive people, right? We came into this industry because we wanted to create beautiful things, and want to connect with people. But we learn that actually not everybody is like that. Sometimes we have to change the way we present ourselves to be taken seriously; to get the projects that are on our bucket list. It’s sad, but it's true…" - Kristoff D'oria di Cirie  

Here's the good news!

"If you are a small interior design studio, you need to be really authentic!"

In this LIVE Beyond Interior Design podcast we have Kristoff D’oria Di Cirie from the UK. He's an artist, creative director, interior designer and brand experience designer.

Don't miss this enlightening talk that teaches you how to embrace the idea that "not every interior has to be an interior," allowing you to expand your creative horizons and differentiate your brand in a competitive marketplace.

Well… enough reasons to attend our next Beyond Interior Design LIVE podcast!

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