It's lonely to do it all by yourself
21 augustus 2023 
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It's lonely to do it all by yourself

The last time I was really all by myself?
That was in Málaga.
Immediately after the first lockdown.

Sweet memories… 😊

I was there for eight days.
Apartment close to the beach,
surrounded by Spanish locals.

Away from my family

Completely unaware of time,
eat where, what and when I feel like.

Total freedom

My phone was the only thing telling me what day and time it was,
or otherwise I would've missed my plane back home.
Regularly my wife and kids video calling me made sure that I knew very well in how many nights I would be back home 😊😊😊

But I needed this...

To be all by myself.
To be able to fully zoom out and just go with the flow.
Don't have to do anything. Just let it all happen...
No fighting, just flowing.

It's lonely to do it all by yourself

A magical feeling I never experienced before.

And now that I know what it is,
I also know how to get back into that feeling.
I know I'm always able to access it,
Tap into that beautiful energy,
Wherever I am.

But then it’s one of those days when nothing seems to work and everything turns out differently than expected…

A day when you don't know what to do,
And you’re longing for that wonderful flow.
The worst thing you can do is try really hard to get back into that feeling.

That's called "fighting".

The opposite you wanted to achieve…
What really helps me in those moments...
Is not to focus on all those little things that need to be done.
But try to look at the bigger picture:

Why I do what I do

My 'higher purpose'.
This way I can suddenly tick off a lot of things from my to-do list.

And then… suddenly the positive energy starts flowing again.
Often. But certainly not always.

Sometimes I just can't do it on my own.
In those moments I'm so glad there's someone who knows exactly what I feel.

Sometimes it's my wife or my mentor.
But more often Sven.

All of a sudden the world is simple again.

Then I know exactly what to do and why to do so!
To have this business friendship is priceless.
Someone who can coach me out of my head and into my heart.

Someone who reminds me again. That’s all.

This is where greatest breakthroughs happen.
This is where the biggest change takes place.
This is the way to achieve what you always wanted to achieve.

Think about it:
Who is your go-to person for this?
And does that person really help you 'see it all again'?

To get you into the YOU that can make this year the best year ever?
Wanna see if I can be that person for you?

Because I know what is out there…

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About the author
Marc Müskens (1983, The Netherlands) is fond of contrasts and stories. He likes to interact with all kinds of people, in different places. Marc can enjoy the smallest things and create unforgettable experiences. With his continuous hunger for physical and mental challenge, this is 'Living on Your Own Terms' for him. The feeling of freedom.
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