Mastering Your Interior Design Game: Ditch the Clock, Embrace the Craft
13 november 2023 
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Mastering Your Interior Design Game: Ditch the Clock, Embrace the Craft

In the wild world of interior design, it's easy to feel like you're stuck in a loop of being busy and running after the facts. Juggling client demands, tight deadlines, and the pressure to create beautiful designs can be a real challenge. Projects take longer than expected, while you can't ask more than you currently do for your work.

Fear not!

There's a game-changing move that can transform your career: toss the clock and celebrate your craft. Let's dive into why this shake-up is the bomb and how it can make your career way more awesome.

The Time vs. Expertise Showdown

A lot of designers get trapped in the hourly billing maze. Seems like a simple way to charge for your time, but here's the lowdown:

1. Underplaying Your Expertise

Picture this: you're working tirelessly on a project, pouring your creative soul into every detail. But when it comes time to bill your client, you're stuck in the hour-vs-expertise maze. It's not just about the hours spent selecting the perfect color palette or sourcing that unique piece of furniture; it's about the years of honing your craft, the countless courses you've taken to stay at the forefront of design trends, and the innate talent that sets you apart. Charging by the hour often boils down these invaluable aspects of your expertise into mere minutes on a timesheet.

interior design expertise

2. Cash Flow Ceiling

There's a finite number of hours in a day, and only a fraction of those can be addressed to a project. It's like having a golden goose that lays a limited number of eggs. No matter how efficient you become, there's a cap on your income potential. This limitation not only affects your bottom line but also takes a toll on your passion for design. The constant hustle against the clock can leave you feeling undervalued and, at times, downright burnt out.

Now, I'm not saying that time isn't a factor. Of course, it is. But what if we shift the narrative from time being the primary measure of your worth to your expertise? What if clients could see the holistic value you bring to the table – not just as a time-based service provider but as a design maestro who transforms spaces into works of art? It's time to break free from the constraints of the hourly rate and embrace a pricing model that truly reflects the magic you weave into every project.interior design burnout

3. Burnout Central

Not spending the time you want on a project, on the other hand can lead to burnout and a seriously wonky work-life balance. Keeping the creative spark alive gets tough when you're racing against time.

This whole time-thing can easily turn your passion for design into a ticking time bomb, inching closer to burnout. Struggling against the relentless march of time not only drains creativity but also threatens your overall well-being. 

Design is a form of art, and the pursuit of perfection should harmonize with a balanced work-life equation. 

The secret lies in freeing yourself from the relentless pursuit of time, allowing your creativity to flourish without the pressure of a ticking clock. In this paradigm shift, you're not just avoiding burnout; you're safeguarding the soul of your designs.

Becoming an Expertise Ninja

Time to kick those challenges to the curb and embrace a pricing model that screams "I'm a design superstar":

design super star

THE MAGIC MOVE: Value-Based Pricing

Enter value-based pricing – the hero of our story. Instead of watching the clock, let's focus on the transformative impact your designs have on a client's life. Your fee is no longer a tally of minutes but a reflection of the increased property value, the enhanced functionality, and the improved aesthetics your expertise brings. It's about recognizing the intangible benefits that go beyond the ticking hands of a clock.

Say bye-bye to hourly rates and give a shout-out to value-based pricing. Calculate your fees based on the legit value your design brings, like ramped-up property value, better functionality, and next-level aesthetics.

To sum it up, interior designers can bust out of the underpaid, overworked cycle by flipping the script from time-focused to expertise-focused. By putting a spotlight on your killer experience, setting crystal-clear expectations, and giving clients a crash course on your value, you'll craft a career that's not just rewarding but totally kick-ass. Your expertise is like a rare gem – it deserves the spotlight and the paycheck that comes with it. 🚀✨

Let's embrace the transformative power of valuing your expertise over the constraints of time. Click here and join our free MasterClass, where we delve deeper into the art of prioritizing expertise in interior design. It's time to break free from the chains of hourly billing and unlock the boundless potential of your creative mastery. Sign up now for a journey that promises not just career sustainability but an elevated passion for design!

Sven van Buuren (1980), interior architect, founder of Institute of Interior Impact and owner of the Beyond Iinterior Design LinkedIn Group. Sven has a pleasant mix of rationality versus seeing and naming. He likes to make rigorous choices. Not going for obvious, but the consequences are always positive. For Sven, 'Living On Your Own Terms' means shaping his own freedom to be able to live his dreams. With his optimism and loyalty, he likes to gather people around him who have something to add. To his life, but especially to the lives of each other.
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