The Essence of 'Form Follows Meaning' in Interior Design

The Essence of 'Form Follows Meaning' in Interior Design

The 'Form Follows Meaning' concept, an offshoot from the Bauhaus principle 'Form Follows Function,' signifies a fundamental shift. It transcends mere functionality; it delves into the essence of design, focusing on the profound significance it holds.

Imagine this: It's not just about what a particular interior element is or does functionally, but rather, what it symbolizes—for you, for your client. What does that piece of furniture represent? What story does the kitchen tell? How does a well-arranged table layout in a restaurant add value to the restaurant owner? And how transformative is it for a company when a well-designed workspace fosters better collaboration among employees?

Creating Interior Design Moments

Creating Moments is pivotal. Consider a past project of mine: crafting a window nook for a client with a breathtaking view of the village church tower. By delving into the significance behind this vista for our client, a design emerged. Instead of an opulent nook for leisurely hours, a stark simplicity was chosen. It was precisely this simplicity that offered the tranquility he sought. This isn't just about creating beauty; it's about crafting something deeply resonant with the client.

"This philosophy leads us to a layer deeper than mere aesthetics. It's about designing something that aligns seamlessly with the client's essence."

Project example

Always centering on 'meaning' rather than 'function' allows us to navigate the thought processes of our clients. Often, clients embark on renovation or construction projects without a clear understanding of their underlying motivations. They presume they know, yet it's not evident. Consequently, they provide designers with seemingly definitive, delineated directives. Adopting 'Form Follows Meaning' compels us to delve deeper, utilizing methods like the '7x Why' technique to truly comprehend the essence of their desires.

Beyond Style

By emphasizing 'meaning,' we transcend stylistic boundaries. We venture into a deeper realm that transcends conventional design styles. It's not about compromising your design style or the client's preferences; rather, it's about harmonizing them within the 'Form Follows Meaning' framework.

Our Beyond Interior Design Podcast often explores this principle, hosting experts and industry stalwarts who ardently adopt and advocate this philosophy.

Sven van Buuren (1980), interior architect, founder of Institute of Interior Impact and owner of the Beyond Iinterior Design LinkedIn Group. Sven has a pleasant mix of rationality versus seeing and naming. He likes to make rigorous choices. Not going for obvious, but the consequences are always positive. For Sven, 'Living On Your Own Terms' means shaping his own freedom to be able to live his dreams. With his optimism and loyalty, he likes to gather people around him who have something to add. To his life, but especially to the lives of each other.
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