Design for human behavior - with Callie van der Merwe
28 februari 2023 
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Design for human behavior - with Callie van der Merwe

Beyond Interior Design guest

In this episode of the 'Beyond Interior Design' podcast our special guest is Callie van der Merwe.

Marc met Callie after reading his inspiring regular articles on LinkedIn. Callie is an architect and the founding partner of Design Partnership South Africa and Design Partnership Australia. 

Callie lives in Sydney and with his company Design Partnership Australia he focuses on hospitality design.

Designed for human behavior

In his Beyond Interior Design Podcast with Marc Callie passionately talks about human behavior and how we designers have a positive influence over that. With our interior designs we can maximize both the physical and emotional reward for the visitor (or user).

Callie likes to add that by doing so we'll also meet the (financial) returns of our clients. 

Form Follows Feeling or Form Follows Meaning?

You probably know our vision on form follows meaning. During this talk we discovered that Callie uses quite a similar approach, which is Form Follows Feeling.

Understanding the purpose of a space and knowing the actions and attitudes that will inhabit that space will lead to better designs where people will behave more naturally, more intuitively and more comfortably. 

Understanding and framing those behaviours leads to more delightful human experiences.

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This philosophy is under pinned by a belief that we are all fundamentally hardwired to be attracted to a similar sense of proportion, volume, light and space, because for more than 99 percent of human history, we have lived intimately with the natural flow and proportion of nature. 

Apart from specifics around detail and décor, this by and large unifies our view of beauty and impacts our feelings of happiness or joy. He illustrates this across a range of international case studies – at different scales, and different typologies showcasing a variety of interior spaces , hospitality, workplace and retail. Design in order to connect people with product and place.

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Ilona Maennchen

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