Impact and sustainability in interior design - with Ankita Dwivedi

Impact and sustainability in interior design - with Ankita Dwivedi

Beyond Interior Design guest

Ankita Dvivedi Firstplanit interview podcast Beyond Interior DesignFor ages I was searching for an absolute expert on this topic. A sustainability expert. Someone who not only talks about sustainability, but someone who's living it. Every single day. Someone with an actual solution and answers to the many questions I have, which are probably the same questions you have as well.

Ankita Dwivedi led Architecture and Design teams for top Fortune 100 firm projects, across the globe, for 20 years. But, decided to leave business-as-usual behind. She had a bigger purpose, a bigger calling. The set up the platform:

Ankita devoted herself to transform the industry by breaking down its traditional walls and helping it embrace change. So… definitely another live podcast episode of the world Beyond Interior Design!

“Designers are not aware of how much power they have” - Ankita Dwivedi

The world around us has changed rapidly, we know that. But our profession, our working method, hasn’t. That’s why our profession is often, especially for the outside world, too much about trends these days. Fast trends. It's about consumerism, about 'buying happiness’. While it should be about sustainability, a higher purpose, about the long term…

Know that we interior designers are very important in creating awareness in sustainability. In making it happen. We are the shackle in the middle of the chain. On one hand our clients, the consumers. On the other hand the producers, the manufacturers. 

And the good news is: we can influence both.

We have the power, because we are in the middle of it, to advice - and educate them both. To increase the demand for sustainable, healthy products. We CAN create a positive change.

I'm so happy to have Ankita in our Beyond Interior Design Podcast. She deserves the spotlight.  I'm so grateful, to be able to make her voice louder. To share her message with our global design community. Join us. Together we have te power to design this world!

Listen to the Beyond Interior Design Podcast with Ankita Dwivedi:

“It all starts with understanding the power and significance of that 'one line' we draw on a piece of paper’” - Ankita Dwivedi

Ankita's 5 Points to think of when designing a project:

  1. Are we building a shed or a pyramide? Are we building for short term or long term?
  2. 1.2m x 2.4m: Think of working with the size a material comes in. Think in modules or versatile materials to reduce waist.
  3. Recycle re-use, reclaim re-use. Create with this in mind.
  4. Life beyond life. How to disassemble and find new ways to re-use.
  5. Look around the corner. Look at technologies and traditional materials, parametrical design. Look outside of box.


Ankita is the founder and CEO of

This digital platform is on a mission to rapidly accelerate decarbonisation, health, wellbeing and future proofing in the building industry.

It combines over 80 years of experience, expertise, and tech to bring transparency, equity and personalisation to every property owner, designer, contractor, and facilities manager to make measuring and reporting positive impacts across multiple scales easy at low cost.

Building decisions made:

  • Energy Sufficient
  • Sustainable
  • Local
  • Resource efficient
  • Healthy
  • Socially responsible
  • Eco friendly
  • Low polluting
  • Future proof

You are free to open an account on the platform and see all the possibilities and information you get. If you want to use the platform for a project, just reach out to Ankita and she can give you free access for your 1st project.

Scala Colab

Ankita is also the founder of Scala Colab.

Creative solutions for inclusive, resilient and sustainable places.

Scala Colab builds bridges between design, research, practice and policy to improve the wellbeing of people and communities in buildings and cities.

Scala Colab is a social enterprise which collaborates with governments, businesses, universities and communities to guide design, research and policy for inclusive, resilient, sustainable built and social environments.

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ilona maennchen

ilona maennchen

on 03 Feb 2023

What a great interview with Ankita. As an experienced expert in sustainability in the design Architectural world. A big topic today and crucial to handle with clients and projects. Beyond interior Design brings other designers in the field together.

ilona maennchen

ilona maennchen

on 03 Feb 2023

Furthermore, to explore future design in the circularity of a sustainable way., and to exchange knowledge into new values of inspiration. The 360-degree point of view and the right questions bring people together.

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