Get your story straight and shine online - with Ericka Saurit
24 oktober 2023 
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Get your story straight and shine online - with Ericka Saurit

Beyond Interior Design guest

In this episode of the 'Beyond Interior Design' podcast we have Ericka Saurit as a guest.

"I see a lot of designers just putting out more and more stuff, filling their websites with heaps of copy (or worse, no copy at all) and all the project images they’ve EVER done, because they don’t know what to say, exactly, about their business and their services, so they just repeat what they see other people doing or saying over and over again."

This is the first thing she told me.

So, interior designer, how would it be to have your story straight?

During the Podcast Ericka will talk you through her E3 Storytelling Framework.

Amongst all of the same-samey message formulas and meaningless taglines prolific in the interior design industry…how do you stand out?

How do you ensure that the time, money, and effort you’re investing in your marketing WILL ACTUALLY pay off? That it will resonate with the clients you’re trying to attract?

How do you know what to say that will make them really lean in and pay attention, and better yet, make you the ONLY option they want to consider?

Just scroll down and start listening!

Free Give-Away for interior designers:

Ericka has a free Brand Audit give away.

Because it's time to get your story straight. Are you sharing the same unforgettable story across all your marketing channels? Use this free Brand Audit template to quickly understand where to polish your story so you shine online ✨

You can download the Brand Audit here.

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ilona Maennchen

ilona Maennchen

on 20 Nov 2023

Thanks, this is a great interview. It's an eye-opener. Telling the right story beyond you and what's behind Create a brand story of quality and quantity. Break the emotional value, the motivation, and the experience touchpoint, which makes you unique.

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