Pretty Rooms vs Authentic Spaces - with Maureen Calamia
05 oktober 2023 
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Pretty Rooms vs Authentic Spaces - with Maureen Calamia

Beyond Interior Design guest

In this episode of the 'Beyond Interior Design' podcast we have Maureen Calamia as a guest.

Maureen is an experienced workshop leader, event speaker, and author of the book, "Creating Luminous Spaces".  Maureen's unique approach is rooted in the wisdom of Eastern philosophy, particularly the Five Elements - Feng Shui. She inspires others connect with their True Nature, all through the lens of design and the spaces we inhabit.

So right now, we explore the fascinating world of design and the secrets of "Pretty Rooms VS Authentic Spaces".

Book tip:

BOOK: “House as Mirror of Self, Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home
by architect Clare Cooper Marcus

About the development of the idea of the home, delves into issues such as privacy, domesticity, efficiency, etc. It analyzes the social and cultural factors that shaped our homes.

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Don't forget to do Maureen's visualisation between min 51:19 and min 55:02!

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