The art beyond property design - with Lorena Gaxiola
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The art beyond property design - with Lorena Gaxiola

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Originally from Mexico, Lorena Gaxiola established a successful business in the United States. She worked with some of the country’s top Fortune 500 companies before launching a successful homewares line and later expanding her business into Australasia.

She is an internationally acclaimed design expert, with more than 25 years experience in the business of property.

Now based in Sydney, Lorena continues to deliver a full suite of interior design services, including visual assets and marketing material for projects of all sizes. Her services go well beyond interior design and styling. That's why we've invited her for our podcast.

Listen to this episode of the Beyond Interior Design Podcast with Lorena:

“Growing up in a country where rules are made to be broken made me a forward thinker. I don’t expect to change the world of design; I simply want to change people’s perception of conventional spaces.”

  • Why instagramable pictures are not enough;
  • The relationship between 'consumer behavior' and 'property design';
  • And what do luxury homebuyers look for in interior design nowadays.

"Good interior design is what you don't see."

For Lorena Gaxiola, interior design isn’t just about creating rooms that look good, it’s about getting into the minds of buyers and giving them what they want, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also practical functionality and the amenities to make the space effortlessly usable. She creates spaces people want to live in.

"Over 85% of interior decisions is done by women."

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