The office isn’t dead, just the way we’ve always used it - with Kristoff DuBose
02 november 2022 
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The office isn’t dead, just the way we’ve always used it - with Kristoff DuBose

Beyond Interior Design guest

In this episode of the 'Beyond Interior Design' LIVE SHOW our special guest is Kristoff DuBose

After COVID hospitality is booming back, but offices? No, they haven't. Bars, restaurants and hotels became strong competitors of the office space... again.

For years we lived the ‘presence first' reality, which means full office buildings. But now the new ‘digital first' reality is here, with remote work, more freedom, more autonomy and more choice.

So... what are we going to do with all of our offices? Transform it into a ‘digital first’ office? We are forced to look at it in a different way.

Therefore we are going to crack "The Office Design Code" with design strategist Kristoff DuBose from London UK. He knows how to make the office a desirable place to be!

Listen to this episode of the Beyond Interior Design Podcast with Kristoff:

Creativity is turning a conversation that has nothing to do with design into a design. It has little to do with materials, colours, architectural shapes.

In this interview we’re going to talk about:

  • ‘Presence first' reality VS ‘Digital first' reality.
  • How an idea makes his way trough the office.
  • And… Is a full office is an illusion of control and productivity?

Do you want to know how to convince your clients of your crazy office design ideas? Then watch this episode.

Amazing and surprising things happen when the right approach is taken and the right questions are asked.

Kristoff DuBose bericht

"Kristoff DuBose is an absolute star. So many ideas and so much positivity!"

 - Jon Allgood PgDip MRICS

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> This is the research Kristoff is referring to.

There is no work and life. It’s just one. You choose your job that fits with your lifestyle, your values.

About the author
Marc Müskens (1983, The Netherlands) is fond of contrasts and stories. He likes to interact with all kinds of people, in different places. Marc can enjoy the smallest things and create unforgettable experiences. With his continuous hunger for physical and mental challenge, this is 'Living on Your Own Terms' for him. The feeling of freedom.
Divya Subramanyam

Divya Subramanyam

on 03 Nov 2022

Beyond Interior Design by Kristoff was remarkable . I have gained great insights and new perspectives and have taken notes :)This is an empathetic approach and I believe this kind of design influences workspace culture greatly. Thanks a ton for this !

Sven van Buuren

Sven van Buuren

on 03 Nov 2022

Great to hear Divya! Great you liked it. I found it very inspiring myself too (wrote down lots of new ideas)!

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