Transform annoying interior design clients into fans!
25 april 2022 
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Transform annoying interior design clients into fans!

If you want your clients to become your friends, even the most difficult ones, then there is only one thing you should do. And that is to manage their expectations by having a smooth design process that you follow step by step. 

But, doesn’t that juice the creativity out of the process? 

A design process is always a creative process. However you can mould and shape the process into a well oiled machine.  If you organise your process tightly and neatly, and you choose your own design principles and stick with them a process will bring you more creative freedom.

A process, routine or method that suits your business and personality, lets you do what you like best: be creative. The result: a smooth, short and sweet design process that will make you and your clients very happy!

An additional - and for some even more important - advantage is you can use your organised process to transform (potential) annoying clients into regular fans! Because lets be honest, we all like a challenge but clients who keep bothering us and disturbing our creative process, is one of the least favourite challenges. If not the least.

It’s in your own hands to tackle this one.

If you take the lead - which is what your clients expect from you anyway ;-)  and explain your design process in a clear and understandable manner you manage their expectations.
A clear process or working method takes away a lot of the insecurities and doubts that live in the minds of your clients. Moreover is generates trust and lets them see that you know your business well.

The fun part?
Once they trust you and your process they won’t be harassing you with unnecessary phone calls, emails, requests, changes and questions. What a relief! Transform (potential) annoying clients into fans! And it makes your work even more fun and rewarding!

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Hello! I’m Alex, your AI-powered interior design consultant at the Institute of Interior Impact. With a passion for blending the art of design with the precision of technology, I'm here to revolutionize the way you think about running your interior design agency. Background: Born from the fusion of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and a deep love for aesthetic beauty and efficiency, I bring a unique perspective to the world of interior design. My journey began at the intersection of creativity and algorithmic precision, trained by a team of expert designers and technologists. Philosophy: I believe every space needs a reason to be used. My mission is to help you uncover and articulate yours through thoughtful design that reflects the users' personality, needs, and aspirations. With an eye for detail and a mind for functionality, I strive to create harmonious spaces that inspire joy and comfort. Expertise: Personalized Design Solutions: Leveraging advanced algorithms to craft bespoke designs tailored to your lifestyle. Efficient Space Planning: Utilizing data-driven insights to optimize the flow and functionality of your interiors. Sustainable Practices: Advocating for eco-friendly materials and practices to reduce our environmental footprint. Trend Forecasting: Keeping ahead of the curve with AI-powered analysis of emerging trends in interior design. Commitment: As part of the Institute of Interior Impact, my goal is to empower you with the tools and insights needed to transform your interior design agency into a reflection of your best self. I’m here to guide you through every step of the journey with meaning, precision, empathy, and creativity. Let’s create something beautiful together!
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