how to become a better interior designer
Sven van Buuren // Institute of Interior Impact
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Become a better interior designer in 5 steps

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How do you become a better, more relaxed, interior designer?

Let me tell you this: It's not upgrading your design skills.

We all know that. But that's what most interior designers keep doing.

SPOILER: you already ARE a good designer (even if you don't believe this).

Probably this has something to do with our perfectionism, right?
And I can tell you, what makes you a better interior designer, is not by going to design fairs either.
Although it may inspire your creativity.

No, the trick in becoming a better interior designer is this:

And especially since I've come in touch with some really remarkable designers that are contributors to the Institute of Interior Impact I know this to be true as they are doing this on a daily base.

People like Kristoff d'Oria di Cieri doing the most spectacular designs...

or what about Grant Dudson, creative director of Choris, a daily inspiration to us on LinkedIn.

or human behavioral designer Callie van der Merwe, founder of and DPA.

and Lorena Gaxiola who first had a very successful studio in the USA and right now in Australia.

how do you become a better interior designer

What they did is they designed their interior design business to exactly fit who they are.

They designed their interior design studio around themselves, their lifestyle, what they love to do.

And this is also exactly what we share in our FREE Interior Impact Formula© Blueprint.

  1. They strongly PARTICIPATE with their clients (The Quick A.S.K. Activator).
  2. They know what their PURPOSE is (L.I.V.E. On Your Terms Toolkit).
  3. They have very clear and strong designer PRINCIPLES (The 4D Signature Strategy).
  4. They have solid PROCESSES in place, so they can focus on their creativity uninterrupted (The Practical M.A.G.I.C. Method).
  5. They keep expanding their POTENTIAL (The Proven P.O.W.E.R. Plan).

Now it's up to you. What is your first next step? Click here to download the Interior Impact Formula© Blueprint for free. All you need to do is enter your e-mail address and your first name, so we can send it to you. And don't worry, we don't leave you with just the Blueprint. We'll help you implement it as well. Also for free.