Interior Design - How or Why?

What’s your aim? How or why? Since we are all interior designers here, the ‘how’ holds no secrets for us. 
We know exactly how to make an interior design and we all know the rules and theories.
But there is a lot more to interior design than answering the 'how', and you know that. But here is sometimes that is oftentimes overseen: It is the importance of the exact knowledge and answers of the question 'WHY'. Let me tell you more.

What we want to achieve is creating the ultimate solutions to the interior problems of our clients, right? Therefore we ask them lots of questions to get to know them and understand their wants and needs. You're with me? 

So now we know WHO we are designing for and what their challenges are.

So, as designers we start designing now. Turn that information into a 'how'. We're good at that! We'll come up with some really inspirational outside-the-box (i hate this phrase, but I'll use it anyway) ideas, concepts and plans. Something far beyond the imagination of our clients. And then you show it to them. They like it, but not the fireworks you were hoping for.

How is that possible?

Well, the thing is... You skipped a step. And you're probably guessed it by now. The next step is transforming the 'WHO' is turn it into a 'WHY'. So, plan some time to take it all in and reflect on the question why when you start your creative process. But even better, start asking different questions. Questions that tell you the 'why'. Don't try to find it out along the way, but do it before you start designing. It gives you way more insights of the needs for your design. It goes much further than understanding your clients. It helps you to KNOW them, 'live' them, 'breathe' them and what they need you to help them with. And once you start working this way, it feels like you're tapping into a higher source. Things start to flow. You intuitively know what choices to make. Do they need you to make their lives easier, more luxurious, better or quieter? Whatever is needed, you can provide. And thus make more impact with your design and as a designer or decorator.
WHY are you designing this restaurant, this office, this store, this room, kitchen, home and ultimately this life…? That’s what we do, we design the life of the residents, the end users, the owners according to their needs, their wants and their lifestyle. So with every aspect of the design that you make it’s really important to ask them and yourself the big question ‘why’. Why do they need this? Or do they actually need this at all? Why do they want this, in other words what’s the emotion behind this want? Why does this fit into their lifestyle? Peel off that onion, layer after layer (really, tears will show up), until you find the core. The REAL why. 

Once you discover that, your design will make so much more impact!

What's your opinion? I'd love to read it! Let me know below:

Sven van Buuren (1980), interior architect, founder of Institute of Interior Impact and owner of the Beyond Iinterior Design LinkedIn Group. Sven has a pleasant mix of rationality versus seeing and naming. He likes to make rigorous choices. Not going for obvious, but the consequences are always positive. For Sven, 'Living On Your Own Terms' means shaping his own freedom to be able to live his dreams. With his optimism and loyalty, he likes to gather people around him who have something to add. To his life, but especially to the lives of each other.
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