The Key To Interior Design Relevance - with Geoffrey Timmer

The Key To Interior Design Relevance - with Geoffrey Timmer

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Today, we're excited to introduce you to Geoffrey Timmer, a visionary Creative Director at Colliers Amsterdam who's redefining architecture by putting our shared humanity at the heart of design.

Colliers is maximizing the potential of real estate. By thinking ahead and providing expert advice to property users, owners and investors, Geoffrey and a team of experts are leading our industry into the future.

Join us as we explore his profound impact on our everyday spaces, emphasizing health, inclusivity, and diversity. 

We have to moven towards radical awareness in interior design!

The Power of Design: More Than Just Aesthetics

Our chat with Geoffrey offers a deep dive into the world of real architecture. It's not just about the look; it's about creating spaces that resonate on a personal level. He's challenging the industry's image-centric approach by focusing on human behavior and experiential spaces. This shift marks a groundbreaking change in how we think about the spaces we live and work in.

Collaboration: The Heart of Innovative Design

The art of collaboration stands central in Geoffrey's approach. Our discussion uncovers how effective teamwork, fueled by diverse ideologies, leads to extraordinary design outcomes. We delve into the importance of engaging clients and utilizing a multidisciplinary approach. Also, we touch on balancing ego and creativity, especially by empowering young, bold designers whose fresh perspectives ignite innovation in the field.

Diversity: A Catalyst for Transformation

A key takeaway from our conversation is the role of diversity in refining and revolutionizing design concepts. By fostering an inclusive environment, Geoffrey and his team demonstrate how varied team dynamics can elevate a project from standard to truly groundbreaking.

Designing for Tomorrow: Flexibility, Sustainability, and Mixed Reality

Looking ahead, we discuss the crucial role of relevance in design, especially in adapting to our ever-changing lifestyles. Geoffrey emphasizes flexibility, sustainability, and the integration of mixed reality as key elements in future-proofing our spaces. These themes ensure that our creations not only withstand the test of time but also cater to the diverse needs of our communities.

The Evolving Landscape of Design and Architecture

As our conversation comes to a close, we reflect on the ongoing evolution of design and architecture. Driven by generational shifts and a collaborative spirit, the field is undergoing a fascinating metamorphosis. We invite you to join this exciting journey and be a part of the conversation on these dynamic developments in the world of design and architecture.

Stuff Geoffrey mentioned

Book by Rick Rubin: The Creative Act: A Way of Being

Book Atomic Habits: Get it here

Textile Museum Tilburg, The Netherlands: Website

For the Dutch:  Rutger Bregman's book:  Morele ambitie

Connect with Geoffrey


As you could hear at the end of the podcast, Geoffrey is inviting you to come by for a coffee. To chat about the most beautiful profession in the world. Here's the adres: Colliers Amsterdam, Stadionplein 14, 1076 CM Amsterdam. 

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