Science in Design, neuroaesthetics - with Linda Kafka and Mike Peterson

Science in Design, neuroaesthetics - with Linda Kafka and Mike Peterson

Beyond Interior Design guest

The overall perception of the interior design industry is that we help people live in pretty rooms.

Our view is different. We believe in this magical part: Beyond Interior Design.

And now there is proof. Measured by science. That’s game-changing and cutting-edge. We can even provide better health for our clients. Seriously.

I’m talking about the founders of Science in Design, Linda Kafka and Mike Peterson.

Science in Design educates the interior design industry on the physical and emotional health benefits of beauty, nature and fine design.

They help the design industry incorporate the healing power of beauty, documented by multiple medicine and neuroaesthetics studies.Therefore, we're thrilled to have them in our Beyond Interior Design Podcast!

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Available on July 12

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