How to WOW - with Grant Dudson
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How to WOW - with Grant Dudson

Beyond Interior Design guest

In this episode of the 'Beyond Interior Design' LIVE SHOW our special guest is Grant Dudson. He is creative director at Chorus, London. 

Chorus is a creative agency that designs and creates big bold immersive brand experiences. Grant has worked with brands like Mont Blanc, Bvlgari, Johnnie Walker, HP, Ford and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few.

I talk with Grant Dudson about what we’ve lost when we grew up. How we lost a lot of our curiosity and playfulness. 

Grant’s design hero is Verner Panton and in this live show he tells us why.

Another interesting subject is how powerful stories are when it comes to getting your brand message across. Combine that with fun and a bit of magic and great things happen. This is how to WOW!

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Installation On Space Time Foam

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