How to RAISE Your Value and Your Fees - with June Jewell
12 oktober 2022 
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How to RAISE Your Value and Your Fees - with June Jewell

Beyond Interior Design guest 

In this episode of the 'Beyond Interior Design' LIVE SHOW our special guest is June Jewell.

No design professional wants to become a commodity. In other words: nobody wants to be seen the same as everyone else. When two or more design studios appear to be the same, price becomes the key differentiating factor.

In this Beyond Interior Design LIVE Show, June Jewell revealed her 5-step RAISE process to help you break the trap of commoditization, stop competing on price and embrace your true value so you can get better clients and higher fees. Follow June Jewell on LinkedIn. Scroll down for the replay of the LIVE Show. 

 5-step raise your value formula

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June's New Book 

June just launched her new book Raise Your Value. You can order Raise your Value now on

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Why working with clients that don’t share your values is causing problems and lowering your profits;
  • How to Stop competing on price and start winning on value;
  • How to uncover and leverage your hidden value;
  • How to design a winning advantage by designing your value proposition that will have clients wanting to work with you;
  • How to develop a strategy to get better clients;
  • And more…


10 key principles to raise your value

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