What we can learn from large brands - with Kristoff D'oria di Cirie
19 september 2023 
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What we can learn from large brands - with Kristoff D'oria di Cirie

Update: Now available: part II of the interview with Kristoff.

Beyond Interior Design guest

Interview Podcast Kristoff D oria di CirieIn this episode of the 'Beyond Interior Design' podcast we have Kristoff d'oria di Cirie as a guest.

Kristoff is creative director, Hospitality & Retail interior designer and Brand experience designer.

He's here with us to talk about how we interior designers can draw lessons from large brands for small interior design firms and freelancers.

Don't miss this enlightening talk that shows you how to embrace the idea that "not every interior has to be an interior," allowing you to expand your creative horizons and differentiate your brand in a competitive marketplace.

“Authenticity is about yourself. Not bad, but only half of the story. That’s about being true to yourself. Sincere is the way to go as it is also being true to your client.” - Kristoff d'oria di Cirie

As designers we are sensitive people, right? We rolled into this profession because we wanted to create beautiful things. And suddenly we're entrepreneurs. And sometimes we have to change the way we present ourselves to be taken seriously; to get the projects that are on our bucket list. It’s sad, but it's true… But is it really?

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Part I:

Part II:

In Part II we’re diving deep into the key principles that contribute to successful interior designs. We'll uncover the current trends and technologies shaping the future of our industry.

And most importantly, we'll discuss how interior designers can position themselves and express their creative vision beyond client briefs.

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Interior designers are more and more working with Computer Graphics (CG) and 3D artists are increasingly common. By understanding and implementing the steps of the Introduction Sheet below, your 3D designs can lead to exceptional visual results that truly bring your design concepts to live!

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Part III:

The Shocking Future of our Interior Design Profession

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