The Power of Website Copywriting - with Nikita Morell
17 augustus 2023 
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The Power of Website Copywriting - with Nikita Morell

Beyond Interior Design guest

The guest of this Episode of the Beyond Interior Design Podcast is Nikita Morell. I think she's one of the best copywriters for architects worldwide. And I've followed her every move on LinkedIn and other platforms over the last year.

I love her bold statements and the way she challenges architects communicate their value. This way they can get a steady stream of ridiculously good projects. Her mission is to make architecture websites sound less robot, more human. 

Nikita has studied 663 architecture websites (you can see the results on her website) and sends emails packed with free copywriting tips, templates, and slightly amusing stories.

It took me a bit of seduction and persuasion to have her here, as she insisted she only helps architects. But we interior designers are not that different from architects in the way we act and see the world. So I'm so happy to have her in this podcast!

Nikita Morell If you want a steady stream of ridiculously good interior design projects you need ridiculous good copy

Dream with me, what if you could…

  1. Say “no” to mediocre work and get more of the projects you want.
  2. Attract clients who respect and trust your design skills.
  3. Get clients with healthier budgets.
  4. Build a portfolio that attracts the right kinds of clients.
  5. Build your reputation and make a name for yourself.
  6. Achieve a work/life balance so you can enjoy life and the people in it.

Wouldn't that be great?

I know you can have all of this.

And to get it, you'll agree with me on this one:

You need a clear, consistent message on your website.

Getting projects isn’t your problem. But getting the right projects is.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter how many awards you have under your belt or how many followers you have on Instagram or how pretty your designs are…

If your website doesn’t have the right words, you won’t attract the clients you want. Instead, you’ll be stuck saying “yes” to projects you don’t want, with clients you don’t like, and at fees that barely keep the doors open.

If your website isn’t winning you work, it’s losing you work.

It’d be great for your dream clients to walk trough one of your interiors and say:

“I must hire the interior designer who created this”.

But that’s not how things work in today’s world.

To get a steady stream of the work you want, you need words to position your practice in its best light. 99% of design websites sound the same: “We are an interior design multidisciplinary studio with… [insert more generic copy that lacks strategic direction here]”.

The problem with sameness: if you blend in… you get forgotten. And to get hired, you need to be unforgettable.

Get hands on with Nikita's content:

Make sure you'll get her ebook: 21 simple ways to immediately improve your website - so you can attract better clients. Better clients means: responsive, collaborative, pay fees on time and don't change their minds 327 times ;)

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