Beyond Sustainable - with Chaline Church and Paul Capel

Beyond Sustainable - with Chaline Church and Paul Capel

Beyond Interior Design guest

According to Chaline Church and Paul Capel, founders of 540 World, we should stop using the word "Sustainability".

Want to know why?

Then pay attention!

As interior designers and architects we are very important in creating awareness in this matter.

We are the shackle in the middle of the chain.

On one hand our clients, the consumers. On the other hand the producers, the manufacturers.

So... We can control positive change!

"Stop calling it sustainability. There's nothing to sustain but everything to regenerate!" - Chaline Church

But then your questions may be:

  • How do I know what’s a good product?
  • How do I access those healthy products?
  • How can I easily implement that in my own interior design business?

"Nowadays we’re all masters of storytelling, but are you master of doing the right thing?” - Chaline Church

For this Podcast I’ve invited the founders from 540 World, Chaline Church & Paul Capel.

540 WORLD aims to create a circular world of good. Both Partners are circular materials specialists and provide gold standard, planet-positive solutions for businesses and material innovators. They are going to share practical pathways to regenerative design, the 'how' to transform from linear economy design to regenerative; Cradle to Cradle® safe and circular design.

Are you ready to create some real impact?


Listen to the Beyond Interior Design Podcast with Chaline and Paul:

Available on May 31st

Or watch the recording of the LIVE Beyond Interior Design Podcast:

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