How To Get High-End Interior Design Clients - with Steve Griggs
02 november 2023 
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How To Get High-End Interior Design Clients - with Steve Griggs

Beyond Interior Design guest

In this episode of the 'Beyond Interior Design' podcast we have New York's premier landscape garden designer Steve Griggs as a guest.

Landscape designer? But this Podcast Series is about interior design!

Well, Steve's journey from humble beginnings, armed with just a wheelbarrow, to building a thriving business in the competitive world of design is nothing short of inspiring. His approach to landscape design breaks the mold, prioritizing functionality and inspiration over standard aesthetics.

We dive deep into the essence of design, transparency with clients, and how passion can be a powerful driver in transforming a humble start into a flourishing business.

And, like Steve told me earlier:

"Landscape design is just like interior design,
but without a ceiling!"

No design journey is without its challenges

And Steve shares his secrets to confronting these hurdles like a hero. We explore a world where trust is the crucial bridge between clients and designers, and creative freedom flourishes in the absence of micromanagement.

Listen to him reveal his tactics for handling unexpected obstacles, the art of leading a team through complex projects, and the importance of clear communication before the construction phase begins.

In the final stage of our conversation, Steve gets candid about managing projects from design to construction and ensuring success at each stage. He shares insights into maintaining the integrity of the design throughout the project and the complexities of navigating different types of sites.

Whether you're designing an interior, a cityscape or a mountain retreat, Steve's strategies for developing solutions in the most challenging environments are invaluable.

"You design a lot of memories with your profession!"

And if you're wondering how to find clients in a saturated market, Steve lays down the importance of building trust as the foundation to growing a successful business.

So, come join us and discover how Steve Griggs has scaled from planting two trees to constructing entire micro-resorts.

“I’m get to spend your money and build cool shit in your back yard!”

Steve's 7 step plan for a successful project

During the interview, landscape designer Steve Griggs come's up with a formidable 7-step plan to make every project a success:

  1. Start with how your client wants to feel.
  2. Take your client by their hand and guide them.
  3. Always manage your clients expectations.
  4. Always be close to bluntly honest. Don’t blame. Don’t lie. Say you fix it and go fix it.
  5. Be realistic in your timelines. We tend to be too positive in how much time a project costs.
  6. Respect your contractors. We have the easy job. They do the hard work.
  7. It's your obligation to charge what you’re worth. You’re a business. And with that it gives you the financial position to go and fix things when needed (4).

"What is success? Do what I want when I want!"

Steve gives away a copy of his book absolutely for free:

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