Hybrid working and office design - with Yalin Tan
07 september 2022 
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Hybrid working and office design - with Yalin Tan

Podcast Beyond Interior Design - Yalin Tan

In this second episode of 'Beyond Interior Design' our special guest is Yalin Tan. He is managing partner of YALIN TAN + Partners, located in Istanbul and London. An award-winning interior design company, experts in retail design, offices and workplaces. They create places where people can live, grow and innovate.

I'm going to talk about with Yalin about hybrid working. How is this affecting our lifestyle, our society? And what does it mean for the interior design profession?      

Another topic is the importance of having a good portfolio and clear vision, so you can make the best interior designs you've ever made!

Your host: Marc Müskens 

“Life is made up of different experiences. I believe every created design should have a paralel story with these experiences. Because the stories make people question themselves and the process of design" - Yalin Tan

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On his website yalintanandpartners.com you can download The New Normal For Offices after Covid Survival Kit.


About Marc Müskens

Marc Müskens has always dreamt of becoming an interior designer. Many would be surprised at how many detailed drawings and plans of luxury homes you can find in his coloring books. With his youthful portion of impatience, he couldn't wait to get his title in the design world. In 2008 he opened the doors of his first interior design studio, but when his path unexpectedly crossed with Sven van Buuren in 2015 they decided to join forces at Masters of Interior Design. It was no longer about 'how' something would look like, but especially 'why' it should look like this.

Beyond Interior Design is the online podcast for interior designers around the globe. Based on the philosophy of the Institute of Interior Impact: Form Follows Meaning. Go with us on a journey and explore the exiting combinations of interior design and health, interior design and technology, psychology, sustainability, culture, nature, entrepreneurship and more!

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About the author
Marc Müskens (1983, The Netherlands) is fond of contrasts and stories. He likes to interact with all kinds of people, in different places. Marc can enjoy the smallest things and create unforgettable experiences. With his continuous hunger for physical and mental challenge, this is 'Living on Your Own Terms' for him. The feeling of freedom.
Ilona Maennchen

Ilona Maennchen

on 04 Nov 2022

The podcast with Yalin, was inspiring, how he build up his community and team. Makes me also thinking how to keep an overview of all subjects and how he managed to calculate the time schedule.

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