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"I need to think about it" 🤷‍♀️🤮

3 min

You have a new request and you are doing everything by the book:

They love your designs and you showed them every single photo you have. 

You told them what you can do for them and after a great talk it’s time for the moment suprême…

You have to come up with your price. 😰

Your potential clients MUST be overly excited to work with you, right…?!

This is the moment you’re so much hoping for a “YES!” 


It remains silent.

“We need to think about it…”

Maybe this happens to you more often… 

You put in so much time, energy, love… heck, you were designing for them AT their kitchen table. You showed them some great outlines that would definitely work for them…


They just didn’t say yes.

Not now. Not next week. 

Something’s wrong.

Maybe charge less? Maybe I’m too expensive, even though it costs me so.much.time.?

How could it be, while you think you did everything right?

And you don’t want to be pushy, but getting ‘no’ every single time, it’s starting to make you fed up.

Could it be that you’re missing 1 single ingredient? 

One thing that messes up everything?

We’ve researched thousands of interior designers and we found out there is 1 thing almost NOBODY is doing right.

It’s the biggest interior design mood killer in the world.

1 bottleneck that gets you only make a fraction of the projects you should get.

This is where it goes wrong:

Your client believes you’re a skilled designer but doesn’t believe you really "GET" them.

It doesn’t feel like they have a deep connection with you, while you have to help them with one the most important decisions in their life. 

They liked you, but they didn’t feel that ‘click’.

Nothing special.

It gives your potential client the “I'll think about it”-feeling… And that is what they often do afterwards.

Gaining their trust might be your biggest bottleneck in your interior design business. 

But it’s also the biggest opportunity for you as this is is such an easy fix if you know what to do…

Making your clients ‘Participate’.

It could be you’re doing EVERYTHING right, but you kill the mood with your potential clients because you miss the link in creating that great connection.

You know you know how to do this. Because you have friends. And they like you. You are a nice, caring person.

But with this, because you know, you have to be ‘professional’… and maybe you never really feel comfortable with these sales meetings…

It just doesn’t work. Not this way.

It can’t be that your great design ideas, your creativity can’t flourish because you suck at this… While your prospect actually should have wanted to work with you…

No more.

Fix this and have more and better projects. 

A lot better projects. In a very relaxed way.

With the right way of connecting with your prospects, you will make sure your potential clients can’t wait to get started with you.

You need to find this momentum, when things start to flow naturally. In the right direction.

And that first meetings instead of awkward become the most fun meetings ever? For you but also for your clients?

This is what happens if you from now on do this the right way:

  • Awesome Clients, Awesome Projects, Awesome Clients, Awesome Projects!
  • And with that a lot of your worries and frustrations will disappear.
  • And that brings even more flow and excitement.
  • And more creativity.

It’s so simple… and fun!

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