Designer Talk - Interview with Sven van Buuren
02 februari 2022 
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Designer Talk - Interview with Sven van Buuren

Interview with Sven van Buuren by Travis Neighbor Ward

“I'm so excited to share this interview with the multi-talented Sven van Buuren! Sven is one of the two owners of Institute of Interior Impact and one of the principals at the interior design firm Masters of Interior Design, based in The Netherlands. He is an expert not only at helping clients with interior design, but at helping other designers. The LinkedIn group he founded, The Beyond Interior Design Group , formerly 'Interior Architecture Group', now has over 125,000 members." (October 2018)

"In short, I think technology has helped our profession to make big leaps, to become more professional, and better in what we do. We are more efficient than ever before. Only when you embrace the inevitable -- technology in this case -- will it help you instead of pushing you backwards..." 

"...I like to believe it makes me create better designs, and at the same time it gives me the opportunity to make the process more transparent and understandable for my clients. Now they can literally see what I see. This gives them a sense of participation: They can see it, get a feel for it, and start imagining living in it."

Read on to discover Sven's tips for creating a a balance between work, technology, networking, and marketing.

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